Welcome To APAWZ

Thanks for visiting APAWZ’s blog.

My name is Jazz and i am the breeder, founder and trainer of APAWZ . It is also known as Aristomilago Pawzllywood.

Aristomilago is a registered Sheltie Kennel Name. All our shelties are of English Shetland Sheepdog. Ours sheltie are bred for show conformation , agility and obedience.

APAWZ is also K9 training school which offer obedience and dog sport ie agility and jumper.

APAWZ also provide other K9 services ie K9 models for TVC & prints.

We used two shelties, which is Prince & CoCo for our APAWZ logo.  Choosing Prince & CoCo as they are the best representative because of the following reasons:

a) Prince & CoCo is my 1st generation of Aristomilago Kennel

b) Prince is an athletic dog

c) CoCo is an obedience dog