Great news before end of Year 2009

Most dog owners know about the negative training method such as Choker and Prong Collar. As there is an increase in dog abuse and dogs being abandon, APAWZ decided to assist Noah’s Ark to have their rehome rate increase.

As those dogs are of unique cases and mostly are mongrel, i decided to teach them another training method which is Clicker & K9 handling skills on mongrel & aggression/timid dogs. 

On September 2009, i started to train the 1st batch of Noah’s Ark volunteers for free. We used those abandoned dogs & puppies, which no one wanted to adopt and those volunteer who has problem with their dogs, for our training.

Two months later, sometime in November 2009, i am so happy that thru the training programme, two puppies mongrel were successful rehome to good families without any complains. Although it was a good news, but i am quite sad that no one wanted to adopt the adult mongrel.

Until 18 December 2009. i received a special Merry Christmas email from Fiona and Lynda, Vice President of Noah’s Ark. It is a good news that one adult mongrel which undergo our training programme had successful rehome. What a great news:)

Last but not least, i enjoyed training with Noah’s Ark volunteer 🙂