260311 – SKC Trial (Ag, Jumper, Ob)

A busy weekend … Sat 26 Mar 2011, we have Agility & Jumper Trial at West Coast Dog Run. Of course, our F9ST members were also there and we have one new newbie to have taste of dogsport trial. Althought it is a hot hot day, but we have fun. Picture speak a thousand of words. Here they are …

  Back from L to R : Romeo (2nd & 3rd placing in Novice Jumper), Prince (two 1st in Open Agility & Open Jumper), JJ (4th in Novice Jumper)Front : Ellie (4th in Jumper Novice)

On 27 March 2011, after one day of running , two of our dogsports boys also took part in their pre novice obedience. For Pre Novice there are 13 dogs , 3 shelties , 1 shih tzu, 4 BCs 4 poodles. Overall result, 5 dogs had their qualified score (2 BCs, 2 shelties and 1 poodle). Romeo had a Q score and Prince won the 3rd placing. Good job boys.

Video of jumper and agility , visit our facebook @ www.youtube.com/APawzComSg

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