7th USDAA for 2010

7th USDAA, the 1st USDAA for 2010.
Date : 17 & 18 April 2010
Time : 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : Sengkang Riverside Park
Weather for 1st day : Hot Hot , started to rain at 4 pm
Weather for 2nd day : Hot Hot Hot Hot , started to rain at about 5 pm
Trial dogs :
Trifold Mascagni aka Prince
Aristomilago Meteor Fantasy aka Meteor
Reached at about 8 am to chop the pavilion and to settle ourselves and dogs. Shared the pavilion with those “schoolless” trialer….
Day 1 :
Weather very hot, Meteor condition is good , Prince turbo as usual. Event on the day :-
  • Starter Agility
  • Relay
  • Gamble

Day 2 , Meteor condition not that bad as for Prince , just nice for him (cos he had burnt most of his energy on the 1st day ). Event on the day:

  • Snooker
  • Perf. Agility
  • Grand Prix
  • Steeplechase
  • Perf Jumper
  • Starter Jumper

Overall result , proud of my both boys, they perform great as they had not been training since last trial in 2009.

Result as follows :-
Grand Prix of Dog Agility
Prince – Champion
Meteor – 2nd

USD$10000 Steeplechase Championship (Local Qualifier)
Prince -2nd
Meteor – Champion

Starter Standard Agility
Meteor – Champion

Starter Jumper
Meteor – 2nd

P1 Agility
Meteor – 2nd

P2 Agility
Prince – Champion

P2 Jumper
Prince : Champion
Meteor – 2nd

Starter Snooker (NQ)
Prince – Champion
Meteor – 3rd

Starter Gamble (NQ)
Meteor – 2nd

Starter Relay
Prince – 2nd
Meteor – 4th

Pic as follows :
Before the trial, massage session for both boys @ Petopia.

Top : Meteor

Below (left to right): JJ & Prince

JJ came as a supporter

Not only me that need a pair of sunglasses, Meteor also need one

Prince in action


Meteor in action

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