8th USDAA -Sept 2010

8th USDAA was held on 11 & 12 Sept 2010 at Sengkang Riverside Park. The weather was very very hot. We arrived at about 8 am to set up all crate, tent and stretching exercises for both boys.

My performance was not very good because I did not make it for the SCT (still sick and let of stamina) and there was one time which i directed the wrong jump during the last three obstacle.

After the 1st day of USDAA trial, both boys have their massage session except for me. Anyway , Prince enjoyed a lot and fall asleep.

Day 2, weather still very hot and i brought JJ down too. Last minute registered her for the fun event jumper. Total there are 4 dogs , 2 BC and 2 shelties taking part.

Heard from my friend that when i brought JJ into the ring, some of the competitor was saying “Tis dog is in competition right ” (i think they referring to Meteor) … My friend upon hearing that told them “tis is the competition dog ‘s daughter”.’

Haha next time, if Meteor is sick , i can use JJ to take over w/o anyone notice. ** Just kidding.

Anyway , JJ did a good job cos she was steady (not affected by the environment , people or dog) and stay focus. Good Job and a big big durian treat as her reward. Her 1st fun event and result 2nd placing.

Results for both days are as follows :-

  • 3rd in Starter Agility
  • 2nd in Starter Gambler
  • 1st in Starter jumper (Q)
  • 2nd in Starter Rekat (Q) partner with BC, Sirius
  • 1st in Starter Snooker
  • 2nd in P2 Agility
  • 1st in P2 Jumper (Q)
  • 1st in Dog Agility Steeplechase (Q)
  • 1st in Starter Gambler
  • 1st in Adv Jumper
  • 2nd in P2 Jumper (Q)
  • 2nd in Dog Agility Steeplechase (Q)
Overall result, we won 6 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze. For full results for both events visit http://www.usdaa,pups.sg/.

Both our boys are also local qualifier for 2010 Cynosport World Games@Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, 13-17 OCT!


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