SKC Agility & Jumper Trial (250410)

25 April 2010 (Sun)
0900 hrs – 1400 hrs
West Coast Dog Run
Judge : Mrs Cheryl Bedggood
Weather : V hot
Ground : muddy
Prouds of my boys .. of course my girls too. Tis April , is the 1st trial for my dogs – USDAA and follow by SKC.
Both boys had done me proud in USDAA as they have achieve several champion, placing and also amoung the 8 local qualifier to compete in US. The most important is placing with a Q.

Tis round SKC agility and jumper, both boys are competing in the same cat.

  • Mini Novice Agility
  • Mini Open Jumper

Both must have a discussion before the trial because the result are as follows :-

  • Prince – Champion in Mini Novice Agility
  • Meteor – Champion in Mini Open Jumper.

Here are the photos on the day. Hope the next trial, i can have pic of my girls too

The two proud and happy boys

Team : Jazz, Meteor and Prince

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