Pre-Puppy Raiser Workshop

1 1/2 hours puppy workshop

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Not sure whether you should enrol your puppy in puppy class ?

No time to enrol your puppy in puppy class?

Pre-Puppy Raiser Workshop is the one you are looking for . 

Detail of our Workshop :

Venue : Hougang

Date / Time : 24 May 2013 / 1500 hours

Fee : $60.00 per puppy

  • Problem solving – jumping, chewing, biting/nipping, barking, good and bad toys;
  • How to success potty training & proper feeding;
  • How to control the hyper or rowdy puppy;
  • Going over your puppy – getting them comfortable being touched all over their body for future grooming and vet visits
  • Clicker foundation; (clicker free)
  • Socialization Play Time – one of the most vital beginning steps for your puppy! Your pup will get the opportunity to play and interact with other puppies during the course of the workshop while we give a running dialog on each puppy’s behavior. The entire family (especially the kids!) is encouraged to attend.
  • Answers to your questions (start writing them down now!)

Who Can Join ?

  • New owner with intent to get a puppy 
  • Owner with puppy of age 8 weeks to 16 weeks
  • Puppies must have had at least their first two vaccination ie  Distemper/Parvo. (Vac card a must to produce during the workshop)  2nd vac should be done 1 week before the workshop
  • Puppies should be free from illness, ticks / fleas. (Before the commercing the workshop, we will conduct a check on the pup. If pup suspected to be sick or find to be infect by ticks/fleas, he will be rejected to attend the workshop. Cash will not be refund but credit for next workshop) 

How To Register ?


Items To Bring ?

  • a small floor mat or towel 
  • pup on collar & leash
  • water for puppy
  • treat for puppy
  • toys for puppy
  • clicker will be provided

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