In an agility courses, the courses set up included several type of jump , tyre , chute, tunnels and 3 contact obstacle.

Unlike other dog training school, we conducted our agility program in different way . Our agility training are split into below 2 sections:

This program consists of Basic, Intermediate 1 , Intermediate 2 and advance . We introduce different type of equipment to the dog in different session or level and teaching them how to execute it .  This program suit all type of dogs just for fun , confident building or looking to advance to competition level.

In agility apart from different types of jumps and tunnels, there are weave and 3 contact equipment, which is dog walk , teeter,  Aframe.

Being a competitor for several years, this program is more for handler that looking into competing with their dog and wanted a good speed and no fault when preforming the equipments : Dogwalk, teeter and weave

For this program, we have split the training to : Dogwalk Training , Teeter Training & Weave Training .