Celebrate our Achievement for Yr 2012



APawz achievement for Yr 2012.

Time to report the achievement by our students and trainer for all trials that was held in Singapore


Champion in Intermediate

Agility / Jumper

2x champion in Master Jumper

5x champion in Open Jumper

4x Champion in Novice Jumper

1x Champion in Open Agility

5x Champion in Novice Agility

Total 17x Champions

1x 2nd in Open Jumper

4x 2nd in Novice Jumper

6x 2nd in Novice Agility

Total 11x 2nd Placing

2x 3rd in Novice Agility

Total : 2x 3rd placing

2x 4th in Novice Agility

Total 2x 4th placing

1x 5th in Novice Jumper

Total 1x 5th placing

Title achieved by our furkids

Trifold Trixee Belle of Aristomilago – SG CH Trifold Trixee Belle of Aristomilago

Aristomilago Meteor Fantasy, SPJ, SPS, AP, AD, JD – Aristomilago Meteor Fantasy, SPJ, SPS, AP, AD, JDX

Romeo Sangiovese – Romeo Saniovese, AD , JDX

Sharndah Star Crossed Luva – Sharndah Star Crossed Lova, JDX

Precious – Precious, AD

Ellie – Ellie, AD, JD

Congrats to all my students. Give a BIG HUGS to your furkids:D

Those that did not managed to achieve any, dun give up . We shall work harder for Yr 2013.

APawz Lastest Training System

WBH is newly created for our group obedience student. The 1st training school in Singapore to start WBH system and also e-courses ie puppy and basic obedience.

WBH stands for Web Based Homework. It is a recap of what we have taught during the physical class. Student that had miss their physical lesson can log in to WBH to learn what they had miss.

How it works ?

  • Student will received a email upon adding them as a contributor.
  • Students will also received a password via SMS to access the WBH. Students need to click on WBH page to check for homework and the deadline
  • Weekly, we will upload homework for the students and the deadline. Students need to submit their homework (video) in the comment post. Upon received your video clip, we will give advise on your video.
  • When we had upload the homework, we will annouce it on the home page , right column

About E-course?

This Programme consist of two courses ;

  1. puppy and
  2. basic obedience course.

It works the same way as WBH except that it does not have physical class. Any dog owners are eligible to sign up this programme. Overseas dog owners  are also welcome.

Cheers and enjoy your training 😀