Reactivity Training & Behavior Modification

A young male shelties undergoing reactivity & behaviour modification. Information

  • age about 1 yrs plus
  • protective against female shelties . Lunge and level 2 bite when female shelties bark at any person
  • Do not allow other to touch the female shelties. . Lunge and level 2 bite
  • easy trigger by big movement and when he barks and people try to stop him,  he will give level 2 bite

Video of a transformed shelties on the 6th session

Core Muscle

Have you get your latest Pets Magazine issue ?

If not, get a copy now as this issue and read about  core muscle contributed by us.

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If you are interested on K9 Fitness , do contact us . We are the 1st training school to conduct K9 Fitness . Our trainers’ old dogs i.e. 11 and 12 yrs old , still competing in SKC dogsports , both are our best model.

Remember healthy lifestyle not only about k9 diet .