I do exercise my dog by walking / swimming

My dog is an agility dog

Do you know that walking / swiming does not mean that your dog have train all his body muscle ie core muscle ?

Do you know that if dog is tired , they will use other part of his weaker muscle to work ?

Do you know that agility dog prone to injury due to spin, jump, turn etc

Do you know  till date, our trainer’s dog , age 12 yrs old are still fit & running in agility competing against dog that is 6 to 10 yrs old younger?

Do you know that our trainer’s puppy need not worry about their puppy having hind leg or cow hock which believed due to weak leg or running too much at home ?


Canine Fitness & Conditioning (CFC) is all about it. CFC suitable for dogs of all age including old or young pup , with proper guidance, it is not just an exercise for dog but it helpt to improve their core muscle .

Currently trained in K9 Dancing , Agility and Obedience . Dog Dancing demo dog for several pet events
Currently an agility and show dog


Age 12 yrs old, latest winning in USDAA event
Top 13 yrs old gal that had retired from obedience competition. Still getting her fix by doing CFC as she had minor heart issue

1st training school to conduct core muscle training for puppies and dogs. We had an Article published in Pets Magazine Oct/Nov 2014 issue.  In this article,  Our dogs also teach you some simple exercises on how to improve, so do get a copy of it


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