Pet Asia Agility Invitation Cup 2013

Our JJ, Prince and Meteor are invited to Pet Asia Agility Cup 2013. This event was held at Marina Bay Sands on 2 June 2013. It is well organised ie where to report and where to lodge our dogs etc.

Result for the competitionĀ 

Im glad that one of our student, CD and her CHH won the 3rd placing in their Small Dog Cat. For me, I’m happy that my two old man, Prince & Meteor, won the Champion and 2nd Placing in their Medium Dog Cat.

Here the pic šŸ˜€

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Loving Your Companion

Thank to PA of Zheng Hua CC for inviting APAwz for their Loving Your Companion on 3 Dec 2011 at Jelapang Square .

Thank to our student, Geraldine and her furkid, Donut for demonstate basic obedience and my pup, Smash , 6 mths for pup demo.

Thanks to our student, Nicole for taking photos for us too. Here are some of the pic .

Smash, 6 mths demo why focusing is very important and what exercise a pup should learn rather than just obedience
Donut ignoring the crowd but just focusing on her handler , Geraldine