Petas Agility National Team & CRUFTS Agility

Congrats to our trainer and her 2 dogs for being selected as Cruft Agility Qualifier , Prince the winner and Meteor 2nd runner up (Jumpering at 18 inch) . Not only that, we also congrat trainer and her dog, Prince for also selected as National Agility Team.




Congrats to our F9ST (Fast’n” K9 Sports Team) for latest winning (23 March 2014) for Agility / Jumper Trials

Jazz (Trainer) with Meteor : Master Jumper Champion

Jazz (Trainer) with Tira : Novice Jumper 2nd , Novice Agility 1st placing

Jazz (Trainer) with JJ : Novice Jumper 5th placing

Lisa with Hito , CHH : Novice Jumper 2nd

Stella with Zaedy , poodle x : Novice Jumper 3rd