So Happy

Being a new school in the market (since Aug 2008), i happy to see and obviously love to see the achievement of our students.

As a trainer, my objective is not to solve owner problem but hope to see their dogs shine in the ring, no matter whether in fun or formal trial.

Nov 2010, F9ST was formed. Some of them are already taking part in trial while some are still learning.

Here are some of their achievement and i believed more to come and more dogs too 😀

Obedience Trial :


Agility/Jumper trial

Left to Right : Romeo , Prince, JJ

Front : Ellie

Obedience Trial

Left to Right : Romeo , Prince

Agility/Jumper Trial
Left to Right : Romeo, Juliet, Prince, Meteor

Agility / Jumper Trial

Left to Right : Romeo, Juliet , Meteor

SPCA Agility Open / Junior (Fun)

Left to Right : JJ , Prince , Precious

Great jobs & hardwork from all the  lovely furkids and their handlers 😀

8th USDAA -Sept 2010

8th USDAA was held on 11 & 12 Sept 2010 at Sengkang Riverside Park. The weather was very very hot. We arrived at about 8 am to set up all crate, tent and stretching exercises for both boys.

My performance was not very good because I did not make it for the SCT (still sick and let of stamina) and there was one time which i directed the wrong jump during the last three obstacle.

After the 1st day of USDAA trial, both boys have their massage session except for me. Anyway , Prince enjoyed a lot and fall asleep.

Day 2, weather still very hot and i brought JJ down too. Last minute registered her for the fun event jumper. Total there are 4 dogs , 2 BC and 2 shelties taking part.

Heard from my friend that when i brought JJ into the ring, some of the competitor was saying “Tis dog is in competition right ” (i think they referring to Meteor) … My friend upon hearing that told them “tis is the competition dog ‘s daughter”.’

Haha next time, if Meteor is sick , i can use JJ to take over w/o anyone notice. ** Just kidding.

Anyway , JJ did a good job cos she was steady (not affected by the environment , people or dog) and stay focus. Good Job and a big big durian treat as her reward. Her 1st fun event and result 2nd placing.

Results for both days are as follows :-

  • 3rd in Starter Agility
  • 2nd in Starter Gambler
  • 1st in Starter jumper (Q)
  • 2nd in Starter Rekat (Q) partner with BC, Sirius
  • 1st in Starter Snooker
  • 2nd in P2 Agility
  • 1st in P2 Jumper (Q)
  • 1st in Dog Agility Steeplechase (Q)
  • 1st in Starter Gambler
  • 1st in Adv Jumper
  • 2nd in P2 Jumper (Q)
  • 2nd in Dog Agility Steeplechase (Q)
Overall result, we won 6 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze. For full results for both events visit http://www.usdaa,

Both our boys are also local qualifier for 2010 Cynosport World Games@Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, 13-17 OCT!

7th USDAA for 2010

7th USDAA, the 1st USDAA for 2010.
Date : 17 & 18 April 2010
Time : 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : Sengkang Riverside Park
Weather for 1st day : Hot Hot , started to rain at 4 pm
Weather for 2nd day : Hot Hot Hot Hot , started to rain at about 5 pm
Trial dogs :
Trifold Mascagni aka Prince
Aristomilago Meteor Fantasy aka Meteor
Reached at about 8 am to chop the pavilion and to settle ourselves and dogs. Shared the pavilion with those “schoolless” trialer….
Day 1 :
Weather very hot, Meteor condition is good , Prince turbo as usual. Event on the day :-
  • Starter Agility
  • Relay
  • Gamble

Day 2 , Meteor condition not that bad as for Prince , just nice for him (cos he had burnt most of his energy on the 1st day ). Event on the day:

  • Snooker
  • Perf. Agility
  • Grand Prix
  • Steeplechase
  • Perf Jumper
  • Starter Jumper

Overall result , proud of my both boys, they perform great as they had not been training since last trial in 2009.

Result as follows :-
Grand Prix of Dog Agility
Prince – Champion
Meteor – 2nd

USD$10000 Steeplechase Championship (Local Qualifier)
Prince -2nd
Meteor – Champion

Starter Standard Agility
Meteor – Champion

Starter Jumper
Meteor – 2nd

P1 Agility
Meteor – 2nd

P2 Agility
Prince – Champion

P2 Jumper
Prince : Champion
Meteor – 2nd

Starter Snooker (NQ)
Prince – Champion
Meteor – 3rd

Starter Gamble (NQ)
Meteor – 2nd

Starter Relay
Prince – 2nd
Meteor – 4th

Pic as follows :
Before the trial, massage session for both boys @ Petopia.

Top : Meteor

Below (left to right): JJ & Prince

JJ came as a supporter

Not only me that need a pair of sunglasses, Meteor also need one

Prince in action


Meteor in action