10632684_285844668277320_1831003326774040686_nDo you want your dog to focus even in a distracted environment?
Do you want you and your dog to be relax while facing real life’s challenges of distraction ?

So you want your dog to focus even in a distracted environment ?

Focus training is the program that you are looking for . We teach you how to bond with your dog and getting your dog to focus on you.

This course is slightly different from other course. This will be monthly training fee which mean training is via weekly & duration depending on how fast your dog progress.

During the focus training, we also get the dog to walk side by side and with basic sit and down.

If you are interested to progress to competition agility , we do have Focus Me Dogsports version . Similar to Focus Me except including some equipment like jump / tunnel .

*Note : There is a prerequisite for this course. The dog must have basic obedience trained.