Our Basic Manner class assist you to maximise the enjoyment of pet ownership by teaching you & your puppy/dog everyday life skill. It help you to train your dog on how to behave in public of different location, how to walk nicely on lead, to sit and lay down when asked. Failure to properly train your dog on the other hand may mean 15 or 16 years of a difficult dog whose behaviour can be stressful for you and them.

Benefit of taking your dog to obedience training :

  • Closer Bond with Your dog – With our training and method, you will hav a happy, obedient trained dog that is easy for owner to manage. This means that owner will get more pleasure from dog ownership and as a result, will be more likely to be closer with your dog.
  • Better communication & Easy Management –  Going through the training,  it help the owner to managed the dog more easily & better understanding of their dog. Better management means they can be easily controlled and become a part of the family and events more, instead of being uncontrollable, misbehaving and having to be left at home or shut away from the party by themselves. Some things as simple as your dog greeting someone politely, coming back when they are called or walking safely and controllably on a leash are basic desirable behaviours that obedience classes teach.
  • Friendly dogs – Socialisation is a very important.  Learning how to respond to other dogs, and what is acceptable and not acceptable in dog language is an essential life lesson they need to understand and know if they are to get along with other dogs. If your dog does not get out a great deal (with family and friends, or to events etc) this is still important. Your dog will encounter other dogs on everyday occasions such as walks,  at the veterinary clinic, party or  boarding. As socialisation is not purely about interact with just dogs, we also advise owner of others .
  • Have Fun – Attending class are more fun for both you and dog . Especially new to dog ownership, there are always new skills or information you can learn concerning dog training & others. The opportunity for you to talk to other dog owner & free consultation from us 24/7 . During class training ,trainer help you to resolve difficulties in training or problem with your dog or your troubles with training .
  • Safety – a trained dog is at a lower risk to himself than an uncontrollable dog. However , remember at the end of the day animal will be animals, and animal are sometimes unpredictable.

8 sessions / 1 hour per session / $760
(Project ADORE 6 sessions ) 

Topics covers:  

  1. All behavior issue of dogs 
  2. come & sit (verbal and handsignal) 
  3. Stand & down (verbal and hand signal)
  4. sit stay & down stay 
  5. Position to owner’s left side & walking loose leash 
  6. revision all exercise from lesson 1-5 
  7. revision al exercise from lesson 1-5
  8. Test & Graduation 

Basic Manner : REQUIREMENT :

  • Puppy must at least had 2 vaccination and free from all illness and ticks/fleas
  • Vaccination cards required

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