About Chief Trainer, Jazz Ng

  • Founder / Chief Trainer of APawz Fitness & Dogsports Academy
  • Singapore Kennel Club Agility & Jumper certified Judge to judge locally and overseas National Club Agility Trials
  • AVA accredited dog trainer to assessed dog required training by AVA & conduct basic obedience training for Scheduled Dogs
  • Local & International dogsports competitor
  • Show conformation handlers.
  • She is also a shetland sheepdog & border collie breeder of Aristomilago Kennel.

Information of Jazz’s dog competition :

  • Year 2003 – Started learning the skill of obedience training
  • Year 2004 – Started competing in obedience with her 1st shelties in Year 2004 and also raising & nurturing puppies to competition standards .
  • Year 2007 – Started competing in Agility & Jumper Trials organised by Singapore Kennel Club and USDAA .
  • Year 2009 – Started handling dog in show conformation with her home-bred shelties
  • Year 2016 – competing in overseas World Agility Championship , Netherlands

Till date , she is still active in Show Conformation, Agility , Jumper and obedience competition organised by Singapore Kennel Club and other international competition

Her dogs’  achievement :

  • National Jumper Champion issued by Singapore Kennel Club
  • Agility Dog Of The Year 2014
  • Jumper Dog Of The Year 2014
  • Reserve Jumper Dog of the Year 2011, 2012
  • Qualifier for Cynosports World Game , Arizona for Year 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  • One of her dog, Meteor was also trained in Search & Rescue with Singapore Civil Defence Force
  • Agility Team Singapore 2016 competing in IFCS Netherlands
  • Best Talent Pet Yr 2014 – Dog Dancing
  • Runner Up winner during Pet Idol Yr 2014 – Dog Dancing
  • Invitation by Cluppet to perform dog dancing at SCAPE during Clubpets event.
  • Qualifier for Large Dog (2 border collies, Smash & Sniper) in WAO 2017 Agility in Netherlands
  • Qualifer for Large Dog (Sniper) in WAO 2018 Agility In Netherlands
  • Qualifier for IFCS 2017 Agility in Spain

Jazz’s Seminar Attended

To improve her skill,  Jazz attended several seminars locally and internationally conducted by world competitors/handlers/trainers

Jazz’s Certification (more to upload)

Thought Jazz equipped with 10 over years of experiences in raising & nurture puppies to a competition standard,  competing in all type of dogsports competitions/trials such as agility. jumper, obedience , show and dog dancing. She keep advance her education , to educate the owner with the latest science based training knowledge.

Singapore Kennel Club Agility & Jumper Judge

Assessed and judged by several overseas judges and approved and licenced Singapore Kennel Club  Agility & Jumper Judge for all level / classes of Agility & Jumper Trials.



AVA Accredited Dog Trainer

To assess and trained SCHEDULE DOG



Puppy Start Right For Instructor Course
Studied & completed Puppy Instructor course offered by Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour Course . Course taught by Debbie Martin, RVT, VTS (Behaviour), CPDT-KA, KPA CTP and Kenneth M Martin DVM Diplomate of the American College Of Veterinary Behaviorists


Dog Sports Essentials 
Studied & completed the Dog Sports Essential Course offered by Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour. Course taught by Lynne Stephen, KPA, CTP, trainer of DogLogic Training & Karen Mielke, KPA, CTP, a certified American Tribal Trainer and Judge as well as Therapy Dog evaluator

Dog Reactivity (BAT) Seminar 
Conducted by Carly Loyer USA



Dog Behaviour Workshop 
Conducted by Anti Hebel (Germany)



Schutzhund Training Seminar
Conducted by Mr Felix Ho (Belgium)


Jazz’s Dog’s Achievement


Below are some of proof on our trainer’s dogs achievements

Apart from Jazz’s achievement , students dogs trained under her had also achieved amazing result. Below are some of pic

Jazz’s & Other Dogs Experiences

Singapore Kennel Club

1888511_609535425767953_1320374629_n– Licenced SKC Agility & Jumper Judge
– SKC Obedience Committee Member & Step down in Year 2008
– SKC Dogsports Committee Member since Year 2011 to 2013
– Chairman of SKC Dogsports Committee since 2013 to till date
– Governing Council of Singapore Kennel Club since 2016
– Volunteer in Obedience & Agility demonstration since Year 2006
– Volunteer trainer for SKC Advance Agility Class
– Volunteer trainer for SKC Contact workshop



– Yr 2009, volunteer trainer for Noah’s Ark’s volunteers
– Yr 2010,  volunteer trainer for Gentle Paws & Friends’ volunteers
to impart more dog knowledge and handling to the volunteers and at the same time, free basic obedience training for the shelter dogs with the volunteer, with the intention to increase the rehome rate



School Talk


We do provide school talk and demo . If you are interested, Jazz is available. Just drop us email apawz.jazz@gmail.com



Pet Events


Jazz also provide demonstration for public events.

Our latest invitation was by Clubpet to perform dog dancing at SCAPE .

If you interested do drop us an email apawz.jazz@gmail.com



Jazz also trained dog for media , TVC etc . Our trainer’s dog also appeared in OKTO , pet magazine etc.

20 Sept 2013 was one of our biggest  collaboration with Beach House Pictures, an award winning production company (company is part of Fox Network Group) specializing in factual entertainment for international broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel etc. Our dog model for this project are student’s dog, LeLe (beagle) , Trainer’s dogs, Prince (sheltie) and Smash (border collie).

Last but not least few photographs of trainer dogs achievement


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