After a day at our APawz Play School or Daycare, your dog will return home happy, stimulated and ready to rest. 


Why choose us :

Indoor (daycare & playschool)

  • Dogs always under constant supervision
  • Dog is free to gallop and play with other dogs in safe environment
  • An Entertaining and stimulating environment
  • Simple equipment for energetic dogs
  • Tummy tickles and cuddly are always on offer
  • Kennel for puppies who need a little rest between burst or meal time
  • Learning new skill or reinforce routine stuff such as sit , wait and trick

Outdoor (for Playschool):

  • Pack walking
  • Have some fun running at certain location
  • Swimming coming soon in 2019

**Photos &/or video will update in our Facebook or to owner via WhatsApp 🙂

Fee for Playschool or daycare :

  • Playschool
    One day entry : $50/-
    Package of 10 : $450/-
  • Daycare
    One day entry : $40/-
    Package of 10 : $350/0

Requirement : 

For us, it is very important to us that your dog feels happy and confident, with that in mind, and to avoid intimidation, we will take on social & friendly dogs

Before booking, we require all dogs to come to a social session where they can be introduced to the surroundings and meet other dogs. This helps us ensure there are no personality clashes and that your dog feels relaxed and confident with his/her new playmates

Contact us now at 93223310 for prices

2 ways pick up is available