During 7-16 weeks old, puppy goes thru goes through a socialization period that permanently shapes their future personality and how they will react to things in the environment as an adult.

Our Puppy Kindergarten Day School is specially designed specifically for puppies 4 months and under!
This program is great for 1st time dog owner , busy owner , fearful puppy or hyperactive puppy!

What your puppy learn during the Day school  :

  • Positive socialization
  • Learning how to proper interact with other puppies
  • Interactive toys for them to work on their brain
  • Toilet training
  • Simple basic obedience cue
  • Other behaviour issue include mouthing , jumping etc
  • Conditioning on grooming etc

Why choose us :

  • Supervised by knowledgable trainer,  a multi dogs handler who had raise puppies from Day 1 since Yr 2004
  • Environment are clean and safe
  • Individual kennel for puppies to rest and had their meal . No worry about your puppy will be accidentally ate food that is allergy of to them
  • Structured curriculum & customised
  • Puppy will be exposed to various stuff such as vacuum cleaning , sweeping etc
  • Before check out, owner will be inform of their puppy progression or issue . Advise will be also given to the owner
  • Bi-weekly report cards for the owner on their puppy progression

Pre-requisite : 

  • Must have at least 1 DHLPP or DHPP vaccination (against distemper, parvovirus, kennel cough etc)
  • Free from sickness , ticks & parasites

Contact us at 93223310 or email apawz.jazz@gmail.com to know more or make appointments now.

Puppy Kindergarten Daycare, we encourage a calm, good behaviors during a productive & fun filled day for the puppies.