3 sessions / 1 hour per session / $210

Puppy learn the important of communication skil that they need when meeting another puppy / dog .

Play time :
It is good & important for the puppy to have play time with another puppy or dog , however it is important to start getting puppy to return to you when called.

Play is also a skill as a owner , we need to know when to stop the play .

This program , we teach how to play and how to be focus on the owner even when there is distraction.

Puppy will also gain confidence thru some of our activities exercises

Puppy Pre School REQUIREMENT :

  • Puppy must at least had 3 vaccination and free from all illness and ticks/fleas
  • * Vaccination cards required


About Trainer , Jazz

on handling

Lesson conducted by Jazz, a Puppy Specialist. She had been bringing up puppy as young as Day 1 for past 10 years. With many years of experience in raising puppy, Jazz know that puppies from 8 to 16 weeks of age, go through a fear imprinting stage. During this period, it is crucial to carefully introduce a pup to a variety of stimuli every day, and to ensure that the experiences are positive. The temperament, character and behavior habits of your puppy are developed during this socialization period and it is also a crucial stage where you begin to build the close bond you share with your dog. With Jazz’s year of experience in raising and produces lot of champions in all dogsports, we know that puppy training is not as simple as ABC.