In an agility competition, the obstacles used to set up an agility course are as follows :

  1. All types of jump i.e. single jump, board jump and double jumps
  2. Tyre
  3. Open tunnel
  4. A Frame
  5. Dog Walk
  6. Teeter
  7. Weave Poles

Under our dogsports training program, we have grouped the above obstacle 1 to 3  in our Jumper program.

Under our agility program , we are targeting the most problematic obstacle that mostly caused the dog to has a fault, using too much time to completed the said obstacle or fear to the obstacle .

In our agility program, we have the following 3 courses  :

  1. Weave Training Course
  2. Teeter Training Course
  3. Dog walk Training Course

Note : As this is more of specialise training , limited slot for each program. CLICK on individual to know more about the course